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Defamation Litigation

Wargo French Singer attorneys have extensive experience prosecuting and defending defamation, libel and slander claims in federal and state courts across the United States, along with related issues such as the litigation of First Amendment defenses and anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) motions.

When the First Amendment right to free expression runs up against every person’s right to be free of unwarranted character and reputational attacks, we step in to ensure our clients’ rights are vindicated.  We understand intimately the delicate nuances of such issues, including the distinction between protected opinion and false statements of fact; between trade libel and inactionable “puffery.”  Our attorneys have successfully pursued claims for damages and injunctive relief on behalf of our clients and defended against frivolous claims aimed at muzzling our clients’ free speech rights.  We have particular experience defending publicly-traded companies from online cyber-smearing campaigns and short-seller attacks, which are often coordinated by highly-sophisticated and well-heeled competitors or traders seeking to profit at our clients’ expense.  Additionally, we pursue and defend against related claims for tortious interference with contract and business relationship, false light, and invasion of privacy.

  • Represented publicly-traded medical device manufacturer in multiple jurisdictions, including Florida, New York, and the District of Columbia, in defamation litigation against individuals and entities suspected of disseminating false and misleading information about the company to negatively impact its stock price. Defended client against defamation countersuit related to public statements made by client’s executives to combat such false and misleading information, including allegations that client’s statements caused a complete and total business loss.
  • In case of first impression regarding scope of District of Columbia anti-SLAPP statute, obtained ruling reversing dismissal of client’s complaint and a first-in-jurisdiction holding that an issue does not become one of “public interest” merely because it is under consideration by a court or other public tribunal, despite contrary holdings by other state courts of last resort.
  • Defended against claims of malicious prosecution relating to client’s pursuit of litigation against allegedly incorrect party. Demonstrated that client’s claims were reasonable and that malicious prosecution counter-suit was barred by anti-SLAPP statute, and recovered attorneys’ fees for filing the anti-SLAPP motion.
  • Represented numerous radio stations in clearing news stories and other content to avoid potential defamation claims.